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Vapour Phase Plants

Vapour Phase Drying is classified as most effective industrial drying process for power transformers and tap load changers that, at the same time, affects the material least. 

Current Heating Plants

Current Heating Plants are classified as the most efficient plants for the heating up of transformers:
With a high performance degree, heat energy is transferred almost exclusively to the windings.

Conventional Drying

For power and distribution transformers, also the conventional Vacuum- Hot Air drying plants are available. In certain applications, conventional drying plants are the most efficient solution.



GNN Machinery provides complete marketing, purchasing, and consultancy services for the transformer industry which operates under GNN Group Companies. GNN Machinery specialized transformer and drying technology.

GNN Machinery offers quality solutions for the needs of the transformer industry with top-quality manufacturer partners around the globe. 

We provide mainly power transformer insulation drying and related production facilities, transformer machiner,y and all related side products for the industry. 




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